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During a multicriterion search on the stories and gags of Carl Barks and/or Keno Don Rosa, a window ensures to provide a certain number of data whose choice and use need clarifying because selected by the webmaster :

Nature : The number of pages of a gag is lower or equal to 1. Beyond that, they are stories. In the results, posting is chronological.

Characters : The characters presented in the base must appear at least twice in the whole of the work of the two authors to be entered in the database. In the results, they are posted by order of importance in the story. If a character appears only in fixed picture (photo, painting, dream,...), their name will be posted between brackets. If it is the first appearance of this character in the Barks/Rosa universe, the term "(1st)" is added.

Hero : This is the character considered to be the principal character in the story.

Keywords : The entered words will be compared with the title, the characters and the description of the story.

Pages : It is possible to select the references according to the exact (=) or compared (< or >) number of pages.

Reference : Refer to the used codes. It is possible to indicate only part of the reference (example: US 10 for US 10-02).

Year : It is possible to select the references according to the exact (=) or compared (< or >) year of creation (publication for Keno Don Rosa).

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