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I strongly thank :

- Keno Don Rosa for bringing me some precious information, for having read over and approved his biography and especially for having encouraged me to create this site,

- Michael Barrier and Geoffrey Blum, specialists in the work of Carl Barks, who were kind enough to answer my e-mails,

- Gerd Syllwasschy (Html BarksBase) and François Willot (Inducks) for certain precise informations,

- Rémi Daviot and Mickaël Roudier for having helped me get started in PHP/MySql programmation.

- Charles Sassiat for having patiently assisted me in the making of the pictures from character's page ; thanks also to Clément Fellonneau.

- Bruno Perel for his brilliant translations of the descriptions of all the stories anf for having verified and corrected the english-speaking version of all the pages of this site.

- All the net surfers who will help me to improve the site.

Thanks to all !

     Nicolas R.

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