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Each story referred in is classified by a code.

For Carl Barks, for example the code for "The money well" is : "US 21-02". That means that this story appeared for the first time in the magazine Uncle Scrooge n21 as 2nd story.

Since Carl Barks has produced stories for many magazines, here is the exhaustive list of corresponding codes :

WDCS : Walt Disney Comics and Stories
US : Uncle Scrooge

FC : Four Color
DD : Donald Duck

FCG : Firestone Christmas Giveaway
CP : Christmas Parade

VP : Vacation Parade
MOC : March Of Comics

MMA : Mickey Mouse Almanac
SF : Summer Fun

CID : Christmas in Disneyland
DG : Dell Giant

CPG : Cheerios Premium Giveaway Y
KG : Kites Giveaway

USGTD : Uncle Scrooge Goes to Disneyland
DBP : Disney Birthday Party

WDCD : Walt Disney Comics Digest
UNP X : Not published in X

For Keno Don Rosa, the codes correspond to those of the editor, for example the code for "Master landscapist" is : "D 90057". That means that this story is the 57th bought by Egmont in 1990.

Since Keno Don Rosa has produced stories for several editors, here is the exhaustive list of corresponding codes :

D : Egmont
AR : Gladstone

H : Oberon
PM : Picsou Magazine

KD : Disney
TEM : Tempo Magazine

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