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Carl Barks
1901 - 2000

Carl Barks was born the 27th march of 1901 in a farm near Merrill (Oregon, U.S.)

His school (a dizain of students) is three kilometers far and he has to walk to. He has nobody to talk with, even his parents, very busy.

In 1908, the family move a little to the North in Midland, to do stock-breeding. THe young Carl, who does his share of the work, is very impressed by the town's market crowd, in particular cowboys and their revolvers.

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Keno Don Rosa
1951 -         

Gioachino 'Keno' Don Hugo Rosa was born the 29th june of 1951 in Louisville (Kentucky, U.S.)

His father was born in Italy and was a kid when his family emigrated to United States ; his mother's was in the country for a long time, despite of its German and Irish-Scottich origins.

The little Keno experience a happy childhood in the city of Saint Matthews, then later in a house near the freeway US 42. He grows reading the comic books collection of his older sister, particularly Carl Barks’ which left its mark on him a lot.
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