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  Prequels and sequels - Life and times of Scrooge

Carl Barks didn't see his stories as a whole work, that's why he never gave them any sequels. However, he created over the years a very coherent universe and let a lot of details and anecdotes about some important characters, particularly for Scrooge and his past.

Keno Don Rosa, great Carl Barks amateur of whom he collects and knows all the stories, grabbed these clues given by the master to strengthen this universe. This is how he achieved his master work which deals with the youth of Scrooge in a great epic saga made up of several parts. He also created sequels to some famous Barks' stories or to his own ones. The following is the complete list of these prequels and sequels, presented by theme :

Prequels and sequels (Carl Barks ↔ Keno Don Rosa)

Prequels and sequels (Keno Don Rosa ↔ Keno Don Rosa)

Life and times of Scrooge and linked stories (Keno Don Rosa ↔ Carl Barks)

Prequels and sequels (Carl BarksKeno Don Rosa)

US 8-02 The mysterious stone ray
AR 106 Cash flow

FC 263-03 Trail of the unicorn
AR 125 The crocodile collector

FC 223-02 Lost in the Andes
AR 130 Return to Plain Awful

WDCS 130-02 The trouble with dimes
KD 0190 The money pit

US 6-02 Tralla La
US 14-02 The lost crown of Genghis Khan !
D 90314 Return To Xanadu
   →D 2001-024 The crown of the crusader kings
      →D 2003-081 A letter from home

WDCS 107-02 Super Snooper
D 91076 Super Snooper strikes again

US 18-02 Land of the pygmy Indians
D 91192 War of the Wendigo

FC 408-02 The golden helmet
D 94144 The lost charts of Columbus

US 39-02 A spicy tale
DD 54-01 Forbidden valley
D 98346 Escape from forbidden valley

FC 367-02 A Christmas for Shacktown
D 2001-143 Gyro's first invention

Prequels and sequels (Keno Don RosaKeno Don Rosa)

D 90227 Treasure under glass
D 96066 The last lord of Eldorado

D 94066 The universal solvent
D 97346 The black knight
   →D 2003-235 The black knight glorps again

D 96089 The vigilante of Pizen Bluff (Lo$ chapter 6b)
D 98202 The Dutchman's secret

D 2000-002 The three caballeros ride again
D 2004-032 The magnificent seven (minus four) caballeros !

Lo$ and linked stories (Keno Don RosaCarl Barks)

D 91249 Of ducks and dimes and destinies (Lo$ chapter 0 : 1877)
D 91308 The last of the clan McDuck (Lo$ chapter 1 : 1877-1880)
US 29-04 Hound of the Whiskervilles
D 91411 The master of the Mississippi (Lo$ chapter 2 : 1880-1882)
USGTD 1-02 The fantastic river race
D 92008 The buckaroo of the Badlands (Lo$ chapter 3 : 1882)
D 98045 The cowboy captain of the Cutty Sark (Lo$ chapter 3b : 1883)
D 92083 Raider of the Copper Hill (Lo$ chapter 4 : 1884-1885)
D 92191 The new laird of castle McDuck (Lo$ chapter 5 : 1885)
D 92273 The terror of the Transvaal (Lo$ chapter 6 : 1887-1889)
US 26-04 Return to Pizen Bluff
D 96089 The vigilante of Pizen Bluff (Lo$ chapter 6b : 1890)
D 92314 The dreamtime duck of the Never Never (Lo$ chapter 7 : 1893-1896)
D 92514 The Argonaut of White Agony Creek (Lo$ chapter 8 : 1896 - 1897)
US 59-01 North of the Yukon
AR 113 Last sled to Dawson
FC 456-02 Back to the Klondike
FC 456-02 Back to the Klondike
D 2005-061 The prisoner of White Agony Creek (Lo$ chapter 8b : 1897)
D 95044 Hearts of the Yukon (Lo$ chapter 8c : 1897)
AR 113 Last sled to Dawson
D 93121 The billionaire of dismal downs (Lo$ chapter 9 : 1898-1902)
FC 189-02 The old castle's secret
D 2003-081 A letter from home
D 93227 The Invader of Fort Duckburg (Lo$ chapter 10 : 1902)
PM 01201 The sharpie of the Culebra cut (Lo$ chapter 10b : 1906)
D 93288 The empire-builder from Calisota (Lo$ chapter 11 : 1903-1930)
US 56-02 Mystery of the ghost town railroad
FC 238-02 Voodoo Hoodoo
US 41-02 The status seeker
FC 178-02 Christmas on Bear Mountain
D 93488 The richest duck in the world (Lo$ chapter 12 : 1947)

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